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Reminder on using and transporting equipment near power lines

Release Date:  06-09-2020

BANGOR and PRESQUE ISLE, Maine – Versant Power would like to offer a safety reminder to those who use heavy equipment near power lines or transport heavy equipment and other large loads.

Coming in contact with power lines while operating or transporting any type of equipment poses a risk to the safety of the operator and others nearby. Hitting utility poles or power lines can cause extensive damage to machinery as well as power outages that affect local residences, businesses and emergency services.

Here are some tips to stay safe while using or transporting heavy equipment:

  • Always be aware of the location of power lines.
  • Don’t park, load or store any equipment under power lines.
  • When working around power lines, place signs to remind workers of overhead lines.
  • Ensure no part of any vehicle, equipment or person is operating within 20 feet of power lines. For work that requires closer proximity, please refer to OSHA rules and the Maine Overhead High Voltage Safety Act.
  • In cases where work must be performed near lines, give Versant Power at least 72 hours’ notice so we can evaluate and implement the needed safety arrangements.
  • No line is safe to touch. Trees, limbs and equipment can all conduct electricity. You cannot tell if a line is energized simply by looking at it.
  • If a limb, tree, or equipment comes in contact with a line -- even if something just brushes the line -- immediately call Versant Power.
  • For all life-threatening or emergency situations, contact emergency services before calling Versant Power.
  • If you hit a pole with your motor vehicle, stay in your vehicle until emergency medical services and Versant Power let you know it’s safe to get out. Never approach a vehicle if it is under a utility pole or electrical wires until EMS or Versant Power have ensured there is no danger of electrocution.

Should you have any questions about operating safely around electrical lines, please call our Customer Contact Center at 1-855-363-7211 (207) 973-2000.

A high-resolution photo of a Versant Power truck is available here

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