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Versant Power begins undersea cable installation project

Wednesday, August 10, 2022


Hancock County, Maine — This week, Versant Power is beginning work on one of two undersea electrical cable installations planned for 2022. Versant crews, along with contracted specialty crews, have started laying cable in Islesford between Great Cranberry and Little Cranberry Islands. This project is expected to take two to three days to complete.

A much larger project, a six-mile undersea cable installation to Swan’s Island, is scheduled for the first week of October and is expected to take about four days to complete.

Both the Islesford and Swan’s Island undersea cables have been severely damaged over the years due to movement on the rocks caused by waves and tidal action and need to be replaced to ensure reliable and safe service to islanders. The cables have been subject to several repairs over the years, which provided a temporary solution to restore electricity while islanders awaited new, more reliable cables.

The new cables contain electrical conductors as well as a fiberoptic cable that can transport internet connectivity to the island. Versant worked with Swan’s Island residents interested in bringing cost-effective high-speed internet to the island and was pleased to partner with them on this initiative.

The cables will lie on the seabed and not be buried, which will leave the seabed intact and not disturb marine flora and fauna. The new cables will follow approximately along the same path as the existing cables and will also have the same shore landing locations. The cable will be trenched in at both shore landings to avoid exposure and potential damage.

Marmon Utility LLC-Kerite Cable Services (KCS) of Seymour, CT, a highly experienced marine cable contractor, will be laying the cable and making the shore connections with the help of Versant.

Versant purchased the Swan’s Island Electric Cooperative in 2017, offering islanders lower electricity distribution costs as well as more modern meter technology and customer service options.